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Donate at least $1 to get this faberooie MR wallpaper! Avalable in all sizes!
Guardian angel?

Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everybody! Enjoy…not laboring… while I spend the day…laboring to move our crap into our new apartment. Yay! XD

Once again, incentives ARE up, and there ARE new ones everyday, so keep voting guys! Let’s move back up on the list! ^^

New wallpaper is “rave” Lourdes, in a bikini thing to commemorate the last days of summer. Donators of at least $1.00 will receive it, those who donate over $10 get a print, $50 gets you a walk-on role in the comic (and a concept sketch of your character), while $100 will get you a speaking role (and inked sketch of your character). Good times.

I wanna write more stuff but I have to get the computer packed away. Wish us luck guys! XD


Before I forget!

I’ll have new incentives for the month of September for you guys to check out! I’ve already uploaded 15, so I should have the month completely filled. They’ll be an assortment of comics, new character sketches, and other random stuff. So definitely vote for MR this month! For those who’re new, all you have to do is click on the little “TWC” button located above the newsposts, under the comic. It’ll take you to a verification page, so click on whatever character it is, and then you’ll be sent to the page with the extra material! The incentives will change every day, so be sure to vote each day or you’ll miss out. Enjoy ^^

New wallpaper should be posted either tonight, or tomorrow morning. As usual, those who donate at least a dollar get the wallpaper free, while those who donate more than $10 get a sketch of their favorite character mailed to them. This month I’m doing something special in addition–for those who donate more than $50, you get a walk-on role in the comic! Email me a description of your character (or drawing, photo of yourself, etc), and you’ll be “immortalized” as someone walking by the characters, being chased by a monster, etc. You’ll also get the concept sketch of your character mailed to you, in addition to the stuff you’d normally get. For those who donate more than $100, you’ll get a speaking part in the comic as either an NPC or fellow player, perhaps making fun of someone, chearing someone on, etc. And of course, you get the concept sketch of your character in addition to everything else. ^^

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