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An event!

oh yeah

So there’s a new month, which means new incentives! Once again, if you click on the little “vote” button just below the comic (it’s blue, has TWC written on it and a number), follow the prompts, then you will stumble upon extra MR content! This month I’m going to finish off the rest of last month’s story (since I missed so many days I wasn’t able to end it properly x.x), and I also plan to add in some one-shot comics (like the one today, making fun of Lost’s marketing team), as well as information on some of the new characters coming up in the story-arc. So if you wanna see slap-happy bonus materials and comics, then you should vote! Let’s try to make it into the teens this time around =)

As far as today’s incentive goes…well, Brion made the point that the episode that the announcer-guy announced made it seem like there was going to be some big super-mondo adventure thing that EVERYONE was going to be talking about….but in reality, “It was like that episode of Dragon Ball Z where Goku learns how to drive.” So that comment inspired the comic–We actually really enjoyed the episode–it was really funny, and made me like Hurley and Charlie again, but as far as “missing out” on stuff….yeah.

In any case, new wallpaper will be posted over the weekend, and I plan to start doing some auctions again =)



Is up now! So check it out–leaving it up tomorrow too.

Also upgraded all my computers drivers! YAY! Now I’m not getting any weird messages about my sound not…existing…! And my wireless stays on even when the screen goes idle! It’s a glorious day for Jen’s computer!



Sorry about the lack of incentive (for now!), I swear I’ll post the rest of them tonight so I don’t have to keep uploading them every day (as inevitably I either forget or am too tired to actually post them x.x ). I’m thinking next month I’ll post some of the model sheets for the new characters, as well as inside info on who they are, what they can do, etc.

I miss playing video games. I think I’ll try to sign on to FFXI again this weekend…which reminds me–for those who don’t know, I play a level 40ish Red Mage Mithra named “Gothgirl” on Asura server. So hopefully saturday I’ll be there leveling or something for those who think I’ve disappeared from all forms of communication x.x

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