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I’m incrediably pleased with how this one came out–and with how short of a time it took me to do it in ^^

The issue was brought up in the forums about coloring the archive comics. I feel kind of mixed about it. On the one hand I think it’d be awesome, but on the other I’d feel weird about messing with my history. Because flipping through the archives, you can really see my evolution as an artist, and I think it’s really important to have a sort of “This is what I was doing at this point last year” kind of a perspective. That being said I do think it’d be pretty cool to color the first 3 pages or so of the eventual MR book, sorta like how XXX/HOLiC has the first couple pages of their book colored. It’d sorta be a nifty “extra” feature, and keep the print costs down, too. Because yes, whenever I get the money together(or get lucky enough to score a publisher), I really do wanna have MR in a book form. If you guys have any thoughts on the subject, feel free to email me or sound off in the forums.

Also, it seems you guys are digging the vote incentive comic because we haven’t left the 20s! Thank you all so much for voting daily and keeping me in the top 30! Maybe soon we’ll be in the top 10! ^^


Sorry for lateness!

Today’s vote incentive comic is up, so if you voted earlier and missed it, it’s there now ^^

We had a really, really long poker night last night–playing 4 tourneys! I won the first two, and Brion made two 2nds and a third. So he broke even and I won $40! Yay!


Dawn of a new ERA

Because it is.

I’m really happy with how the page came out–I kinda over-colored the first panel, but other than that I’m happy with the style. Making comics in color is waaaaaaay different from making them with half-tones (the gray stuff MR was done with), and in most cases, much harder to pull off x.x See because with halftones, I can leave panels unshaded and still have them look alright–with color, it just looks kinda flat and weird. It’s also hard to avoid over-rendering, as you really got to be sure to keep with the mood of each panel–ie why the middle two panels are less rendered than say…the bottom one. It’s weird how subtle little things establish mood. I think as I continue to fiddle with it and ground in my style, I’ll figure out something really cool. Hopefully you guys appreciate the change–considering the feedback I got on the first colored page I did methinks you guys won’t mind too much ;x

And now a look into Jen’s Art School Career-dealie!

In lifedrawing we’ve been studying the human skeleton for the past 3 weeks. It has led me to the conclusion that I hate bones, and would prefer if mankind were just sacks of jelly, like amebas. Ah, the ideal world….

Also working on this architecture project that’s like, 42% finished. Really wanna get the bulk of it done tomorrow cuz we’re checking out the UBER SWEET APARTMENT on saturday (can you tell I’m excited?). It’s a fun project to do, because I like drawing building and working with perspective, but I hate it at the same time because everything has to be annoyingly precise. Our Illustration teacher’s kinda like the Simon Cowl of critiques–he made a girl cry once (her project really wasn’t up to the standards…at all, but still x.x ), so I’m kinda nervous about making little ink splotches. But hey, I’m happy with how it’s turning out, and that’s all that matters, right? =D

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