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So what's this Mystic Revolution thingie about anyway?

-Mystic Revolution is basically about characters fooling around in the Massively Multiplayer Roleplaying game of Mystic REvolution (go figure). The comic takes place when former Admin Lourdes makes it back into the game after serving a ban of a year. From there, she meets a slew of weird characters, old friends, and the lady who got her banned in the first place. The comic explores relationships built in-game, and how sometimes your game life may be more real to you than your "real" life. It's also really funny, I promise.

Since the beginning, the artwork has changed in a big bad way, going from kind of terrible to pretty cool, so stick with it friends, it all gets better.

The Players

  • Lourdes The firey heroine of our story, former admin.
  • L33t_Ninj4 The somewhat silly n00blord counterpart to our heroine.
  • XXXGothgirl666Xx An old friend of Lourdes from back in the day, tends to play her own game...within the game. GAMECEPTION.
  • Aeiryn Another Old friend, Aeiryn is a high elf, devout cleric focused on spreading the light of justice and purity. And a very mean drunk.
  • Toasty Our not-so-stable, somewhat schtizo warrior with an evil penguin in his head and a rather large sword that is not compensating for anything. Nope, not here.
  • Lilly Adorable kitty-girl, master hacker, and obsessed with Toasty. Also gives death-hugs.
  • Mr. Pheffer Your lord and master.
  • Machiavelli The current head admin of Mystic Revolution, and Lourdes' arch-nemesis. Runs a very tight ship. Of evil.
  • Nadeira Chief Programmer under Machiavelli, sympathizer to Lourdes' cause. She also really hates her job.

Where should I start?

-Well, the beginning is certainly a great place to begin! Other memorable moments:

Are the Characters based on real people?

...Sort of? It's kind of weird--all of the characters have bits of me in them--for example, both Lourdes and L33t_ninj4 have my ridiculous obsession with Star Wars and it's expanded universe, Lilly has my love of adorably fat animals, Toasty has my love of Berserk and manly characters, and Gothgirl has my love of messing with people from time to time.

Of all of the main cast, Aeiryn is the one that is most directly based on a real person (or at least her characters). My friend Vicky would always play these super haughty elves in our D&D games, to the point where she would often times leave the party because a high elf shouldn't "mingle with the human rabble". And of course, because it's Dungeons and Dragons, she would very often get horribly, horribly punished for disappearing from the party by our DM, often with hilarious results (for instance, in a dungeon she got killed by a door). So I thought it'd be funny to put her in the comic...and make her an alcoholic, because I have the very bad habit of being really mean to characters based on my friends.

Other examples of real people in the comic are:

  • Featherae33 Based on my friend Heather, put in the comic for many years of modeling impossible poses so I could get my drawings right and helping me ink the bonus stories for the books. Totally not the ice-queen she is in the comic, haha.
  • Tecamza Based on my friend Tetsuya's character design, Tetsuya is the guy who looks over any kanji appearing in the comic to make sure they mean what google tells me they mean and not like "Heil Hitler" or something equally horrible. He also helped out inking some of the book's bonus stories, and in real life, is a very quiet and reserved kind of a guy.

Gothgirl actually comes from the mind of my buddy Phillippe, as the online personality of his character Shea Marerra. Initially she was only going to show up for a couple of pages, but I had so much fun writing for and exploring the character that I begged him to let me keep her, and Plip, being the super awesome guy that he is relented. You can read about Shea's life in Plip's comic Moose River and you really should because it's kind of like a Wes Anderson (Royal Tenenbaums) movie in comic form. And occasionally there're references to MR!

Is Mystic Rev based on any MMO in particular?

-When it started, it was mostly based on Final Fantasy XI...because that's what I was playing at the time. And if you notice, a lot of stuff is similar to how things worked in FFXI, like for instance, the fishing system. But it's mostly me just borrowing aspects of other games I like and incorporating them into my world for, at least in my mind, the perfect MMO. For example, I love having tons of customizable options for races/classes/character builds, as I love creating weird builds that work in fun and odd ways. To that end, there's a lot of inspiration borrowed from Dungeons and Dragons, Bioware games, a little bit of WoW, and other random things (for instance, the Windmaster class is based around Talim from Soul Calibur).

Where can I find out more about the game world of Mystic Rev?

-There is a LOT of stuff in my notebooks about MR's game world, but slowly and surely we're incorporating all of it onto MR's wiki page, so definitely give that a looksee if you're interested in my crazy game.

What's the dealio with these scribbly comics?

-I see you have found a Con Report Comic good sir(or lady)! Most of the time when we do conventions, we usually end up still en route back home or too wiped out to update on Monday, so I created the CRCs so MR could still have an update. They're often scribbled at the con or on the plane home after, so they're not the most legible of things, but they're still pretty fun little chronicles of our weird adventures. And oddly enough, most people seem to really like them, to the point where I get people at conventions doing weird things on purpose so they'll get put into the comic (though really, all you have to do is bring me delicious baked goods =3 ).

What do you use to make the comics?

-All of the comics are drawn and inked by hand on 11x17 comic boards. My favorite pencil of choice is Sakura's Sumo Grip pencil(the grip is fantastic), and I use 2H lead because the hardness means that it won't smudge, and that it'll erase super easy. If you're new to drawing and find that you're kind of heavy handed (you press your pencil really hard against the paper so it's kind of impossible to erase because the line's super dark and thick), I definitely recommend trying out some 2-4H pencils/pencil lead because it's almost impossible to smudge 'em.

I ink my comics with Sakura Micron pens and a Pentel Pocket brush pen. The main thing with pens is that you want to make sure the ink is archival quality--it should be noted that sharpies/ballpoint pens are NOT archival--because that way your inks will still stay super black for a really, really long time. With a non-archival pen, like, a Sharpie, you'll notice that a couple months later your beautiful blacks are now a weird purple color and that's gross. The Microns can be found at pretty much any art supply or craft store, and are generally pretty cheap, but they go pretty fast. The Pentel, while it's kind of expensive, it's the BEST brushpen I've found and it's refillable. I've owned mine for about 6 years now and still haven't had a need to replace the tip, unlike regular brushes that lose their pointedness after a month or so of heavy use. You can also buy refill packs for it!

Comics are then scanned into photoshop and colored digitally. And I use a custom built PC, because I like having a lot of RAM and heavy processing power, and it's sooooo much cheaper to build your own box than buy one with the same specs retail (and heaven forbid you want a mac--those're hella expensive, and the keyboard's annoying). I also use a Waccom Intuos 3 tablet, and if you are looking to get a tablet, I =highly= recommend the Intuos series because again, they last for forever. My old Intuos 2 lasted around 6-7 years of HEAVY use, including being carried around everywhere in my laptop bag before the cord got worn out.

I really dig Mystic Rev. How can I help you out?

-Glad you asked! There are several ways in fact!

  • Link to the site
  • Tell all your friends
  • Submit the comic to your favorite social networks/message boards/whatevers
  • Grab something from the store
  • Use the donate button on the right to drop a couple bucks
  • Send in fanart/cosplay photos--ESPECIALLY cosplay, as I love seeing people as my characters ^^
  • Send Jen a friendly email at savagesparrow[at] to tell her how much you love the comic!
Mystic Revolution copyright © Jennifer Brazas 2009. All rights reserved.
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