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Anime Expo 2014

Anime Expo 2014!

Aight! Finally got back from Anime Expo! Holy hell was that a whirlwind of a time! I need to get my pics off my phone as we had a really awesome Toasty cosplayer!!

So first thing is we had many a hilarious mirgant worker joke with our van full of employees without seatbelts hiding out in the back as Shawn drove with semi-reckless abandon. But luckily no issues were had with the law, so huzzah!

The shirt in question is the Mako’s Fight Club shirt that we just released. We ended up nearly selling out on the very first day, and sold out completely the next morning. It was awesome, but also really sad since everyone kept asking for it and I had to keep seeing a bunch of disappointed faces. Additionally, Ashton as master troll kept asking in the most sincere way if/when/where we were getting more…and I walked into it every. single. time.

Ashton’s friend James was this super adorable, super charming guy who kept going out of his way to try to be useful since he assumed he was imposing on our hospitality or something. He was trying =so hard= not to be the guy trying to one-up Ashton and steal his job that he ended up being sitcom-hilariously one-upping Ashton. Especially the day after we gave him a ride to the train station and he brought us these amaaaazing macaroons as a thank-you. So adorable.

During one of the “James is so much better than Ashton” conversations, it was argued that, being in school for visual communications, James was more talented than Ashton. Not wanting to take it anymore, Ashton challenged James to an art-off, the task being to successfully draw a moose. Unfortunately, I don’t think I managed to snap a picture of the beautiful creations of theirs, but I tried my best to lovingly recreate them. Ashton’s moose was determined to be Satan’s moose because of its creepy death-eyes, James’ moose was Knife-antlers because of those spikes, and mine was moose-wolf. Together we then created the superior form of Satan’s Moose by combining the face of moose-wolf, the demonic eyes of Ashton’s moose, and the knife-horns of James. Then we made its antlers drip blood because…evil. It was the most metal thing to be put on paper.

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