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I seem to have caught something on saturday, and doing father’s day things sunday seems to have exacerbated the situation. Since the page isn’t far enough along to post late, I’m going to stay in bed and save it for friday. That way if I feel better tomorrow I can get it done and get started on a buffer for the next month.


Edge of staying home!

So firstly, boy is it nice to be done with conventions for a little while and be back home making comics. I always get super depressed when I can’t upload a page on time, as I am well aware my comic updates slow enough as it is. But more than imagined obligations of teeming masses coming to attack me for missing an update, it just feels really good to make comics, and I’m sad when I can’t. Also I like being able to sleep in my bed–that is really nice too.

Prior to leaving for Texas though, Brion and I had discovered a really cool manga about soldiers fighting a war, getting themselves killed, and then reliving the day before the battle. Around this point the TV was getting spammed with trailers for Edge of Tomorrow, and hey–that looks familiar! Sure enough, both film and manga are based on a Japanese light novel called All You Need Is Kill. While the manga is a pretty faithful adaptation of the series ( and drawn by the guy who did Death Note! ), the movie takes some liberties and goes in a different direction for the end. BUT. It’s still an incredibly well put-together film, and unlike the way the trailers make it seem, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bill Paxton in particular is just…brilliant. And Emily Blunt is SO badass. My one sad regret is that the film has Rita using sort of a big machete instead of a bigass, badass axe. But I guess having an axe bigger than the character would’ve looked silly on film…but still. AXE.

And even though he’s older than the lead character in the comic by….quite a bit….Tom Cruise is still an awesome leading man and the way that they explain all his training and stuff is really cool. I don’t really like the ending to the film quite as much as the ending to the books/comics, but I can see why they did it and it still feels satisfying. The battlefield segments are pretty amazing and spectacular to watch–in particular, this movie actually shows the danger of friendly fire, which is pretty rare since films are usually pretty clear that its always the enemies fault soldiers are ever killed.

Overall I’d say it’s worth going to see it in a theater, especially if you haven’t read the book/manga yet. It’s a really fun action movie and great for getting out of the heat for a few hours!

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