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A-Kon 2014

A-Kon 2014

Yes! Finally back home for a good three weeks or so until Anime Expo. This time, I hope to actually get a lil’ bit of a buffer done! Yay!

First things first, always appreciate snack donations! Hello Pandas and Sour Patch kids ftw!

Second, Pancetta and prociutto are like, my faaaavorite meats. So when we found the pizza place that had pancetta pizza and prociutto focaccia bread, I was SO stoked. So stoked in fact, that despite us getting there at 9 and not eating anything and working til, at that point, 2 pm, I said “Screw it, if they don’t deliver til 5, we’ll wait til 5!” The promise of 4.5 star yelp reviews and pancetta pizza was too tempting! The hours rolled by with Sam and I trying to content ourselves on sugar while we awaited the glorious moment when we could order food…only….when 5 rolled around, they told us that they only delivered for catering. And thus, the kill list was born. No jury can convict us. The judge would totally understand. Really, when you think about it, we’d be doing Dallas a favor. Just sayin.

Every year one of the most fun things to do for me is the Iron Artist competition. Essentially the audience comes up with a list of categories and picks from the list at random for the artists’ to draw. While waiting for one of the other groups to compete, O Abnormal thought it would be cool to Shakira it up for the audience. While it was super fun, I learned that non-Columbians aren’t meant to move that way. Because holy hell were my knees killllling me. Though to be fair, I was in heels and O’s feet were flat on the ground!

Finally, we were on the highway, a turtle wandered into our lane on the highway! Moving along slowly, as turtles do….And the above is word for word our conversation. I hope the turtle made it over to the other side ok though ;_;

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