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Updated Convention Appearances

If you’ll look on the handy-dandy list to your right, I have updated the convention schedule for 2013/2014.

There’s a couple changes–firstly, I’ll be heading over to Wondercon this year for the first time. If you’ll notice also, Sakuracon is also that same weekend, and while I personally won’t be there, Brion will and will have all the stuff there. We don’t think we’ll be doing Fanime this year–because it’s easier for us to travel to Boston, we just decided to go there instead. We also don’t think we’ll be doing New York Comic Con again this year–it’s getting close to the date we’re thinking of having our wedding, so we just decided not to have to deal with the stress.

So that’s about it. As usual, the ???? means we’re not sure if we have a table there yet or not because either they haven’t gotten back to us yet or they haven’t opened up for vendor registration yet.

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