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Ohayocon 2013 Report!

Livestreaming live!

The Livestream is live! Check it out for awesomeness!

Like I said, Iíll also probably show off some of the colored bonus story pages once the legit page is done ^^

Stream over! Comic’ll be up in a sec ^^


Page to be late tomorrow!

Hey guys!

Sorry to say but the page will be late tomorrow, took a long time to get the sucker inked. This means I’ll be doing a special stream in the morning coloring the page! I’ll also show some of the pages I’ve colored thus far for the MR bonus story, too! I’ve managed to get up to page 5 completed coloring wise, only 6 more to go! ^^


Ohayocon 2013


So firstly, we weren’t going to go to Ohayocon–I was at PAX during hte sign ups for the artists’ alley, and Brion forgot, so we didn’t get a table in time. But then a couple days ago Dave called and lo and behold, a table is had. So yeah, it was one of those things that wasn’t entirely unexpected, but still sucks.

The second panel is taken pretty much verbatim from the conversation we had about the number. See, Brion hates League of Legends with a burning passion of firey fire. To the point where we’ve made this agreement whereby I won’t play League if he’s awake/in the room and in return, he does ALL the household chores. It’s pretty funny. So yeah, if you do play league and want to play with me, my summoner name is savagesparrow. If you don’t play league, signing up is free and it’s really fun! ^^

Shane was really sweet about passing out fliers for Mystic Rev and it led directly to at least one guy coming by and grabbing the set of books! So success! ^^

And once again, I really have to thank LightningPure for being a sweetheart and grabbing me various beverages and snacks so I didn’t starve to death during the show. Maintaining energy is important! ^^

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