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Let’s talk Anime

So I’ve gotten back into watching the animes recently. And for those who don’t follow my twitter or see the livestreams, I will write up my opinions on this here blog! Because one of my New Years’ Resolutions is to try to make it so there’s something worth coming back to visit the site every day.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica This show. Holy crap. Honestly, the less you know about it going into it, the better it is. It’s basically the story of magical girls…only it’s not. Though it looks incredibly girly (and it kind of is), give it a chance until at least episode 4 and your mind will be blown. Also, Homura is probably one of my favorite anime characters of all time now, and I have to admit, when you find out why she is the way she is I did cry a little. She’s so strong! Rating: A

Fate/Stay Night This show I have mixed feelings about. I got into it because I simply adored the character designs, in particular the design of Saber. I love that she’s wearing armor, but it’s also feminine without being slutty. The world, the powers associated with it, and the characters are all pretty cool too. The problem I had with the show is that the harem elements of it felt really out of place and kind of awkward. From what I understand, it was originally an “adult” visual novel game, so I guess the anime’s kind of trying to stay true to its’ roots. And to be fair, too, the fanservice doesn’t completely ruin the tone like the fanservice in Highschool of The Dead. I guess I kind of wish that if they did go the harem route, they played it a bit more for laughs like the wacky high school side stories in Code Geass.

What made the Code Geass wacky haremey silliness work is that it was SO different from the super dark elements of the main plot, that it really helped to separate the two worlds that Lelouch was involved in. It made it even more hilarious when Lelouch’s biggest problem as a student was finding the right cake for the presidents’ party, whereas Zero was off sending men to die. Furthermore, when the elements of his after school life started bleeding into his real life, it made it all the more dramatic when that idyllic lifestyle began to fall apart.

So yeah, overall I guess I’ll give Fate a B-–Pretty fun story, lovely character designs, very tired harem tropes.

Dead Man Wonderland Firstly, this anime has probably the worst opening theme I’ve heard in a long time. “Make me your deadman/stuck in your wonderland“–that’s the chorus! C’mon! The show’s premise is that when you commit a crime, you’re sent to this prison where you become the amusement for the rest of the country through a variety of really sick games. The good and bad thing about the show is that it’s incredibly fast paced. You are introduced to Gonta, the main character and king of average-ness, and before you know it he’s murdered everyone and thrown into prison. From there it seems like absolutely nothing can go right for this kid, and throughout the series that’s kind of a common theme. On the one hand, it’s pretty nice that they don’t go for the “weird game of the week” format to stretch out the show, but on the other hand, I feel like it’s so fast paced that you don’t really get a chance to breath to process the stuff that’s happened.

The animation of this show is pretty fantastic, especially when they start getting into the blood powers. It’s also kind of surprising how they manage to make something as limiting as blood manipulation powers actually unique for each character. However, like the Highschool of the Dead anime, it’s an OVA of a manga that’s still continuing on, so it kinda ends abruptly without any real answers to…anything. So that’s a bit disappointing. Also, I found the main character to be pretty boring and kind of annoying. Not quite Shinji Ikari annoying, but not much better. Though granted, he does have a pretty good excuse for being overly sensitive.

Overall I’d probably rate it a C+–Great animation, ok character designs, interesting concept but lame main character, really irritating opening theme, and it doesn’t quite give you a chance to process everything that happens.

I will try to post more anime reviews next week! ^^


Livestreaming Book 4ís bonus story!

Livestreaming the coloring of book 4ís bonus story! So yeah, swing over to Sparrowtime and check it out, listen to my wonderfully awful music, and make conversations about bacon. Because baconís the best.

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks guys! I’ll probably do another one on Wednesday or something =)

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