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Elins ruin everything


So firstly, sorry for delay–I was hoping I could get to the coloring stage and post a legit update, but alas, wasn’t able to before birthday celebrations started. So since birthday things will continue over the weekend (with friends/family now), I figure I can turn my working ahead into a guarantee that Monday has an update. As a result, I decided to turn this strip I had been working on as a guest comic for someone else into a legit update. Hope you all like it! ^^

Elins are the adorable cat/fox/bunny girl race of Tera. That is what my character looks like above (minus her giant axe). She has LITERAL stars in her eyes. It is IMPOSSIBLE to not burst out laughing when someone tries to yell at her in a cutscene. How the npc manages to give a super serious speech to a character that looks like that is similarly beyond me. But whatever! It is what it is!

We picked up Tera for 2 reasons–One, it was only like, $10 during Origin’s Black Friday sale, and Two, you can play for free until level 28 via the discovery edition. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize we didn’t have to buy the game to play the discovery edition, but whatever! It was cheap!

In any event, Tera’s pros are thus. Firstly, its combat is quite excellent. Each class really does have their own unique mechanics–personally, I love my tiny berseker the most. You have to aim all of your skills in order to hit anything, so it takes a little getting used to if you’re used to WoW and WoW clones like ToR and DCU, but not so much getting used to if you frequently play action games like Bayonetta or DMC (though much less complicated than those two). The character creation is lovely, and you can make some really gorgeous PCs, and the environments are similarly beautiful and well-designed.

Cons are that the quest system is your basic “Go here and kill these things” and the more frustrating “Walk 10 feet to click on an npc, then walk back” quests. The tone is also a little weird with the overall story being super serious, high fantasy, but then having in game names be stuff like, “Big Ass Monsters” (instanced bosses) and quirky pop culture quest names like Warcraft. So it’s a little jarring to come out of the cutscene above that’s super serious and then have your quest list be stuff like, “Always after me lucky charms” and “Gotta Kill ‘em All” (though I do have to say I like “Gotta Kill ‘Em All as a quest name XD ).

Overall though I’m having a lot of fun with it because the combat is just that good. So definitely worth checking out, especially with the Discovery Edition.

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