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Thanksgiving 2012

Shark Robot’s black friday/Cyber Monday

Hey there! So because I’m lame and I forgot to post it, Shark Robot’s got some cool Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff. Firstly, shipping is free on all orders over $60, and that includes international orders. Also, there’s a 5% off coupon code if you enter in “happyholidays” at checkout. Finally, there’s a bunch of designs that’re being clearanced, so be sure to grab them while you can (as they’re really cheap now!).

So yeah, check out in particular, the Mystic Rev store on Shark Robot and grab some stuff for bros for the holidays (or yourself!)

Firstly, we have three fabulous books for those of you who want to give the gift of more Mystic Rev to others. Mystic Rev also has three designs on clearance, including the “Catgirls Give the Best Hugs” shirt and the “Who Wants to Party with the Cleric?” shirt. So yay! Things! ^^

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