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So this chapter’s been difficult–it’s really hard to write it because on the one hand, I want to show the nightmare of being faced with your worst fears of how those close to you actually perceive you…but on the other, you don’t want to come off writing something really angsty/emo/lame. So hopefully the balance is ok enough so that everyone’s enjoying it and you all get some cool insights into Gothgirl’s character =)

In other news, the new stuff I put out for the last two conventions is finally online on shark robot! Firstly, for those not-quite-sick-of-the-meme-yet, there’s Oppa Gandalf Style!

Next, for those of you looking to show your friends where to accessorize in your fight against the Deadites, there’s Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!”

Moving along, for those of you who want something more kawaii, I present the kitty of magic and mischief, Lokitty!

Finally, for those of you proud enough to stand and say, “I AM A SUPPORT!", I give you Ask not what your carry can do for you, ask what you can do for your carry!

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