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Youmacon 2012 Report!

Youmacon 2012

So yes, this con, everything horrible seemed to happen to everyone else–which is rare for me, since usually I end up either forgetting something or the universe decides to take a dump on my head making everything terrible. This show, that unfortunately, happened to everyone else. The hurricane really messed up a bunch of my east coast bros, particularly where flights are concerned. Trunks had to arrange a way for 17 boxes of merch to travel the mile to where the con was actually taking place. Dave missed out on Halloween because the Youmacon website says it’s a 4 day convention…when actually Thursday is just for a pre-convention party. Please make sure to check out Sanshee though and wish Arty a speedy recovery (their stuff is also SUPER cool and really well designed, so worth a looksee anyway!).

We tried to eat a place called Slow’s Barbecue on Thursday, figuring, “It’s Thursday! The convention hasn’t started! There totally won’t be a crowd at all!” Only…the place was completely packed with an hour and a half wait. And I can’t remember if it was specifically Wednesday the hostess said, but she did say specifically it was only not busy on one random weekday between the hours of 3 and 4 XD Dave managed to get in on Sunday, however, and said it was well worth the wait and quite delicious. Dave is also a jerk for bragging.

Brion ended up forgetting to bring a box of his 2nd book with him to Youmacon, which, naturally makes it hard for one to sell the whole set of the book. We managed to catch it in time for his mom to overnight the shipment for us to have the books ready for the con on Friday we thought….only…she took it upon herself to “Save us $15″ and have them have it arrive at 3 pm instead of the 10:30 am–so basically instead of having them for Friday he had to grab them Saturday. Which kinda sucks because he ended up losing a bit more money in not being able to sell a set of all his books, but it was ok. It was just a pretty funny situation. And I’m a troll XD

The thing that reaaaaally sucked about the couple in the room next to us was that not only was she hella loud, but both Brion and Veronica were asleep, so I didn’t want to risk waking them up by banging on the wall/yelling at them. So I had to lie there for about an hour in the most awkward silence ever. Siiiigh.

Overall it was a pretty fun convention, if a biiit disorganized. For instance, if your convention only has a pajama party Thursday, you prooobably shouldn’t count it as a full day on your website. It was also a little weird having half of the convention in a hotel a mile away, with the attendees having to pay a buck to be shuttled to and from the show–not a lot, I know, but it seems weird that the con and the city couldn’t work something out where at the very least, for $5 or something, the attendees could add a pass with their badge that would give them unlimited rides. And programming guides should likewise be printed sooner than say, the first day of the con.

But the staff were pretty nice about it all, and the attendees were really swell as well. It was a really nice, chill atmosphere in general, and I can’t wait to go back next year ^^

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