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Halloween 2012


So I know teeeechnically Nick Fury in the original comics is an angry white guy so it’s not teeeechnically racist, but it’s funnier to imply that it is. Not that racism is funny at all or anything. Except when it is. But it’s not, seriously. Bad.

Also, I realize I probably should’ve put Captain America in there somewhere, but let’s be honest, in The Avengers movie he doesn’t really get a lot to do–mostly because he’s playing the straight man to a bunch of rather large personalities. Which is unfortunate, but hopefully the next movie he’ll get to show his stuff a bit more rather than just be the guy that Robert Downey Jr. bounces his excellent zingers off of. Also, the idea of having Gothgirl dressed up as Loki was just too perfect.

I will be at Youmacon this weekend, so be sure to swing by and say hi to me at my booth in the dealer’s room. I’m not entirely sure =where= we’ll be, but it’s not that big of a room so hopefully you guys’ll be able to find us fairly easily. We have 4 new shirt designs, 2 of them con exclusive, so be sure to check ‘em out! (the other 2 will be available online though, so no worries).

As for book 4, I have been spending my spare time inking pages for the bonus story. I’m at 4 of about 10 or so (still wondering if I should cut stuff or add stuff, so it may be 8 it may be 12, not really sure) pages inked, so hopefully since this’ll be the LAST con of the season I can get the rest of those banged out. I’m hoping to have a kickstarter up in the next couple weeks also, ideally the books will be ready to ship by like, January/Febuary (so you guys can do christmas pre-orders and then have them delivered then or something).

That’s all I got! I’m out! See ya in Detroit!

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