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Chapter 28: Ghosts

Game night stream!

Hey guys! Were having another game night, this time its Clocktower! You can check out the stream here!

EDIT: Stream over! We didn’t realize our game didn’t have the audio coming through–does anyone know how to capture audio with xsplit when you’re using the screen capture setting to capture an emulated game (i.e. a windowed game?). It =seems= like everything =should= work, but it’s not =\


New cover

Today’s cover was kinda loosely inspired by this far superior Catwoman cover by Adam Hughes. The man is one of my coloring/art idols–he’s SO fantastic, and crazily enough his fabulous colors are done entirely with a mouse.

I just kinda wanted to try out a different, slightly more trippy route. I kinda dig how it’s come out, but I wish my drawing was a bit stronger ^^;

In 2 weeks we have Youmacon out in good ol’ d-troit, so be sure to swing by the dealer’s room and find our booth! I’ll have a buncha new shirts, too, so yay! ^^

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