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Nycc: The Event


In lieu of posting a con comic for NYCC, I decided to post something relating to a specific event that happened. Art is all about expressing oneself, or so I have been told, so this is me expressing my bitter, unbridled rage at one Shawn Handyside. The first half of the comic is completely true. Rather than wait five minutes to use the bathroom in his room, he decided he haaaad to use the bathroom in our room. And legends have been spread of Shawn destroying toilets, so naturally we were a little upset at this announcement. Shawn then chooses to add further insult to injury by kidnapping my hedgehog and taking him with him.

…my hedgehog will never be the same.

I will never be the same.

I’m not saying I actually murdered shawn’s family, but if something horrible happened, this is me saying on record that it’s totally justified. Juuuust saying. *whistles innocently*

Other than that, the con went ok. Got to meet a lot of fans which is always super awesome, hopefully made some new ones as well, and Brion made sure we were well supplied with New York street meats. (Though I have to say New York, your hot dogs suuuuuck in comparison to Chicago. Like, seriously, I bought 2 and I couldn’t even start to eat the second one, it was just awful. Travelers looking for pro hot dogs, go to Chicago. Muuuuch better).

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