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That would be delicious

Livestream to begin!

Livestreaming the comic! Check it out on Sparrowtime! ^^

EDIT: I’m giving up on streaming–had two BSODs in the space of an hour and a half and all my other programs are crashing. I’m getting a new power supply in either today or tomorrow, so hopefully that’ll fix everything. I’m going to attempt to finish the page as quickly as I can despite the crashings, but just in case, look for it to be up around the evening. Sorry about this ;_;


Tomorrow’s comic to be late

Had them treat our walls for mold today (so gross), so it kinda threw back my schedule. Will be livestreaming the coloring of the page when I finish off the inks of the last panel. When its live I’ll post here, on facebook, and twitter.


Gencon photos!

Alrighty! So I uploaded the photos from Gencon onto the MR Facebook Page, so be sure to check them out! Especially the kawaii Lolth papercraft thing and the super rad Drow dice. All the other photos from the other conventions are there, too, so be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up with updates and other stuff!

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