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Gencon 2012 Report!

Gencon 2012

So firstly, the flood happened the day before I left to go to the convention. At that point, we hadn’t heard from the landlord and the city had shut off water to the building to avoid further damage. We could still turn on the water if we needed to, but as soon as we did the flooding would start back up again so we had to keep it pretty limited. Before I left though, I left brion with a ton of stuff to eat, several large containers of water and a 36 pack of bottled water, and some juice and stuff. So he was pretty well set, but it still really sucked to have to leave under those conditions.

On the other hand, I was leaving to go to a convention about roleplaying where I could stay in a hotel that didn’t smell like mildew and had hot showers. So it didn’t suck that much.

So our neighbors were the nice folks at gamechurch.com, a site that’s meant to be kind of a positive hang out for gamers who happen to be religious but not to the extent that they think video games are the Devil’s Playtools or whatever. For the most part they spent the weekend giving us free carmel popcorn (which was really good!) and shooting rubber bands at Dave. So cool guys overall–and worth checking out their site if you like games and Jesus, especially the Jesus that would run your guild and bless you with fat l00tz.

Wizards of the Coasts’ D&D team delivered a really cool swag-venture whereby you went on a journey to their various booth locations to collect drow theme’d dice (within the week I’ll post a photo album on the MR facebook page so you guys can see them–they were really cool) that were whitish dice with cool purply scrollwork and drow-esque fonts for the numbers. These activities included creating a papercraft version of either a red dragon or Lolth herself (so cute!), filling out an answer for the giant D&D themed crossword puzzle (which had clues ranging from 2nd edition to 4th, so something for all generations of gamers), taking your picture with the giant Lolth sculpture they had built in the middle of their booth, and playtesting the new version of D&D called “D&D next". Unfortunately, I couldn’t really spare the 3 hours away from the table needed to participate in the encounters (though I really, really wanted to!!), but thankfully one of the guys helping to run the event was an MR fan and gave me the sweet hook up of the full set of die.

Saturday we went to the mall to go eat dinner, and while wandering around we found they had a mini-golf course. I am horrible at mini-golf, Michael had never played, and while Dave was not a golfer, many of his family were and had passed on some tips to him–so of all of us, Dave was the most likely to win. …Imagine our surprise when Michael kept 2-shotting each of the holes, managing to stay ahead of dave by a point or two until Dave pulled ahead by a point (Around this time I was behind them by like, 12-13 points–again, I’m awful). Dave was starting to trash talk Michael’s newbie luck, but then tragedy struck on a weird hole with a double incline. It took Dave around 15 tries to get it in, while I got it in 4 and michael got it in 8. Dave let off a series of horrible, horrible (and incredibly creative) epitaphs that involved Michael dying in increasingly creative ways and getting fired to boot. Michael was…genuinely scared and kind of cowered behind me while the 6′5 man angrily continued to rant and swing his club around. It was incredibly funny. The score ended with Michael in first, me behind by a point (I caught a hole in 1 on the last hole with a crazy spinning octopus), and dave behind by 8.

….After that we decided to play Settler’s of Catan as Michael had never played that either. I kinda ended up crushing both of them, despite trying to help Michael out as best I could. The game ended with me at 10 points, Michael at 5, and Dave at 4….it also only lasted about 20 minutes or so. Dave was incredibly pissed, but it’s not my fault–the people of Catan cried out for a leader, and who am I to deny them that? So for the rest of the night and Sunday Dave ranted about how Michael and I betrayed him while I laughed and Michael continued to cower and attempt to turn invisible.

I also got to play a bunch of cool Mayfair Games (the guys who made Settlers of Catan)–in particular, I really enjoyed Monuments, a game where you’re trying to build the world’s greatest monuments and make sure they’re remembered in history. It’s pretty cool because even though you’re competing against your opponents, every action you do to win also kinda helps them, so it’s cool for it to kind of have that co-op sort of element. It’s also a pretty fast game, so it’s nice for when you’re killing time waiting for pizza or something. I also grabbed Star Trek Catan, because I’m a nerd and they have tiny Enterprises that you move around to collect Dilithium crystals, which is rad.

But mostly, I just want to say how awesome the convention was overall–there were so many MR fans there who came by to say hi and stuff, and so many more people who came by to give the book a shot without me even having to pitch it super hard. Definitely what I needed after the depressing con of wizard world and the whole apartment breaking thing. So yeah, I had a great time at the show and totally look forward to next year!

And for those asking, they’re beginning to work on repairs today, so hopefully that’ll get settled soonish. ^^;

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