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Wizard World 2012

Remember when I said I would try to get a page done for Friday?

Yeah….so yesterday morning at about 6:30 am a pipe or something broke in our attic, causing massive amounts of water to rain down from our living room ceiling. It ended up causing part of our living room ceiling to collapse, and the rest of it’s kinda bubbling up, so at the very least we’re looking at needing to have the whole rest of the ceiling replaced…provided it doesn’t collapse on its own first. Nothing major was damaged–some of my art books got a little water damaged, but it could’ve been a LOT worse–we were able to get our TV and move most of the rest of our stuff before everything got seriously crazy. I’ve posted pictures of some of the damage on my personal facebook page for those who want to see.

At the moment, no one’s been able to get ahold of our landlord nor his wife–we suspect they =may= be out of the country or something. The city’s shut off the water to our building so at least for now the leaks have stopped, but it blows because we don’t really have any water for everything else. We =can= turn on the water outside for when everyone in the building really needs it, but it really sucks because as soon as they do, all the leaks start back up again. So for now, we’re just trying to keep all the buckets and stuff under all the leaks and sweep up the bits of debris as we can. Once again, though it really sucks, it really could’ve been a LOT worse and we’re hanging in there. I am a little worried though that we’ll have to move if the ceilings really bad x.x

It is funny though because we’re on the 3rd floor–top floor if you don’t count the attic–of our building, so flooding is really the =last= thing that we were worried about XD

But yeah, I’m leaving for Gencon in a few hours so I’m hoping brion’ll be able to get a guest comic done for me for Friday. If not, look for a con comic on monday. Sorry for the delays!


Wizard World

….So originally I wasn’t going to have a table at Wizard. I was just going to help out at Dave’s table, where we’d both laugh and make fun of how sad and depressed we were that no one buys anything at wizard… (it’s a con made up mostly of families taking their kids to see the comics, people looking for autographs from the “celebrities” and the stereotypical “comic book guy” looking for figures/back issues/commissions from the Pro Marvel/DC guys–not the nice crowd of super awesome webcomic lovers we’re used to at Anime conventions). But no, Dave accidentally bought an extra booth so I brought my crap to sell and we were on opposite sides of a large booth so we couldn’t quite converse as freely as we would’ve liked. Though for the most part there weren’t too many people walking in our row anyway so it didn’t matter as much.

On the plus side though, there were a lot more people than last year. Last year on Thursday and Friday dave would send me pictures of just purely empty aisles with no one walking at all and I’d have to text him down from wanting to kill himself (not literally, but he was really depressed). And it is heartbreaking when you see a bunch of people just like, glance at your work and keep on walking or worse, try to talk you down to a price so low that you’re losing money by selling to them. It makes you feel like your work isn’t worth it and it really blows. But thankfully, we were prepared from last year’s experience, so we just kinda laughed and made fun of people XD

But I did meet 2 MR fans there! So that was super exciting! The flower that grows in the sidewalk in the middle of a city, if you will.

For those not aware, League of Legends has a Tribunal system where you can report a player (or more) on yours/the enemy’s team for being a jerk that ruined your game in one way or another. Other players then can check out the submitted reports and vote whether or not the reported player deserves to be punished or if the report was made in error, and players get in-game money if their rulings match up with the rulings of a bunch of other people. Those viewing the reports get to see the score, chatlogs, and item list for each case, to judge if the report was justified or not. To that end, a subreddit was created as the best of the Tribunal. WARNING though, the images posted in the subreddit contain a lot of vile, awful and hateful speech, so if you’re easily offended, you should NOT read the threads. But, if you’re a horrible person like me and amused by the rage of others, it is a VERY amusing place, and gave us hours of entertainment XD

Plague Inc. is an insanely addictive ipad/iphone/idevice game about creating some sort of plague that will destroy the world. It’s really cool because you get to plan how your plague spreads, what symptoms it has, how resistant it is to various environments, etc. It’s kind of like Risk, really, but with bacteria. So if you want a hyper-addictive game that’s perfect for killing time, I highly recommend it. Though it’s pretty hard–especially stupid Greenland and it’s stupid only having a seaport and low population in a cold area….!

I will be at Gencon Indy this weekend, somewhere in the dealer’s room. I’m really excited for this con because there’s so many things I want to check out and buy and play! The con starts on Thursday though, so I have to leave wednesday, so I’m going to =try= to get a page done for Friday, but more likely I’ll probably do a cute filler comic or something. After this though I’m done with cons for a while, so huzzah!

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