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Deception and theatrics

The hedgehog’s video log!

So for those who don’t follow Brion’s podcast Lobstertalk, every one and a while he does an “Animalcast” where all my squishables get together and have a podcast on various animal-related issues. However, not wantint to stifle their creative spirit, we’re giving them the camera so they can visually relate to all of you what’s up in the animal world.

This week I present to you the vlog from the hedgehog that was recorded on the way home from Otakon. Apologies for the darkness–we were driving through the mountains at that point so the light started fading away.

If you like watching the hedgehog, we’ll record logs for the other animals as well. And also, I highly recommend checking out the “animalcast” episodes of Lobstertalk as they are amazing.


Da page

So yeah, this is the page that took forever to draw, mostly because I drew every one of those damn bats. And it took a while to find decent enough reference of bats flying around at different angles and stuff. Grrr. Perfectionism! *shakes fist*

So yeah, in short, I hope you guys liked it because I put a lot of work into it!

Also, while I will not be exhibiting at Wizard World Chicago/Chicago Comic Con this weekend, I will be helping out Dave at the Shark Robot booth. The weekend after we both will be at Gencon, which I’m at least really psyched for because it’ll help feed my dice addiction.

Finally, I’ve been playing a lot of The Secret World recently. While the game has its problems–and oh does it have problems–it has the quality level of story telling in quests/missions that I was really hoping for from TOR, but got ultimately disappointed by. The NPC characters in TSW for the most part are so full of personality that I find myself really interested in watching their cutscenes and finding out how all the missions connect together. They also actually have non-combat based missions–from really difficult investigation quests (which we have caved and read guides for on more than a few occasions) to metal gear-style stealth missions where you have to dodge laser beams and avoid cameras–it adds more variety to the game than just the standard “Go here, then go there, then kill this thing and come back".

I also appreciate that the game doesn’t hold your hand when you’re supposed to try finding things–for example, in the starter area for Illuminati you have to find a doorway to the Illuminati maze. It said in the questlog that you had to “follow the illuminati symbols", but being used to TOR/Warcraft, I just assumed there’d be an exclamation point on my map to show me where to go. So I kinda wandered around in circles for a good 5 minutes or so before I realized there was a big honkin’ Illuminati eye above a doorway–lo and behold the quest advanced. However, there’re quests where this is too extreme–for example, a mission in one of the later areas you get this series of numbers from an Oujii board. You’re not given a hint as to what they are, you’re just told to find them. There’s no green circle to indicate a vague area where this place is located (something the game does instead of exclamation points). You are expected to wander the whole map until you find a car with the license plate featuring those numbers. Which is really lame, but hopefully they’ll update it like they’ve updated some of the other quests.

But yeah, it’s really fun so far and for a lore whore like me I find myself really interested in a atmosphere and story of the world. They’re doing a bunch of free-to-play weekends and stuff, so if you can, give it a shot.

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