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Why hello there....


Otakon is going on this weekend, and we will be there in force!

Booth V10 is where we’ll be at, and as you can see, it’s kinda in the back. So just run towards the exit and we’ll be right there! In our pretty pink castle and everything! Will have books 1-3, the plushie, shirts, etc etc.

ALSO because I’m super responsible, for those not going to the con there =will= be a regular page up for Friday, and con report’ll pop up on Monday.


Game Night Go!

Game Night stream! Itís happeniní! Settlerís of Catan, baby! Watch that shit get settled. Like a boss.

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks all! ^^


Game Night

So yesterday I got all novacain’d for getting some cavities filled, so we didn’t do game night on account of the left side of my face not working. But tonight, we shall be doing game night! And what a game night! That’s right, tonight’s game is Settler’s of Catan, BITCHES. So yeah, look forward to that this evening–provided my laptop can connect to the internet and whatnot.

I’ll be updating the main site, the MR facebook page and twitter with when it’ll go live.

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