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Anime Expo 2012

Anime Expo

So AX this year is (hopefully) the one con where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

It started out where we had gotten to the airport running a little late, but we still had about an hour and 20-30 minutes before the flight took off. However, apparently, wednesdays at around noon are when everyone wants to travel, including several girls’ soccer teams! Whole teams! So needless to say, we got out of the security line just as it was the boarding time. But for some reason, we both still thought we had 20 minutes to spare, so Brion went to get in line for a sandwich and I ran down to the gate (which was, of course, the one at the other end of the airport). When I get there, they’ve already boarded but the guy says if Brion got there asap, that we’d be ok. So I call Brion, tell him to run down, and tell the guy at the desk that he’s on his way. It is at this point he says that they had already given up our reservations, and that we’d have to go on standby. So poor Brion runs down completely out of breath clutching this root beer in his hand, saying how he just left them making the sandwiches and ran down to the gate as quickly as he could. In between gasps of air he was like, “Why did I have to get a sandwich?!!” which in retrospect, is really funny. It also took him several minutes to notice he had accidentally stolen the root beer, wherein he started moaning about what a terrible person he was. Super cute. Luckily though we got a flight outta there a couple hours later so it worked out.

The next day, our wonderful helper Ally ended up missing her flight because both of us derped and thought she left on Friday instead of Thursday. Thankfully though, the lady on the phone at Southwest was super helpful and she managed to get her original ticket credited towards her new flight and made it over slightly earlier than the flight we thought she was going to be going on originally.

Friday is when Dave ended up having the misfortune of having a bunch of shirt designs stolen while he was loading things into the convention hall. Saturday on the way back to his hotel, he ended up losing his credit card on the subway, and he nearly got stabbed by some crazy hobo who pulled a knife. Thankfully, all he did was show the knife, but still–scary stuff! So while Friday and Saturday he looked depressed, Sunday he walked in with a big smile on his face and said “You know, I could’ve been stabbed. So therefore–GOOD WEEKEND!” So you guys think about that when stuff gets you down–at least you’re not getting stabbed.

Saturday’s when the sniffles I had been fighting the previous two days evolved into a full on cold, complete with sinus headaches and grossness. I am seriously sorry for all of you who came by Saturday-Sunday-Monday because I was just feeling miserable, but did my best to not seem miserable…but Ally said I still looked miserable. But at least I didn’t get stabbed!

Monday we went over to a friends’ house for a barbecue wherein as the evening drew to a close, we found we couldn’t use the restroom. Discovering the why was really amusing and went about much like the con comic says–Shawn was all “Well, I probably broke it, but it was dark and I couldn’t see anything!” and Ally very meekly said “I told people! It’s not my fault ya’ll didn’t do anything about it!” and Brion was just like, “How was I supposed to know when you flush a toilet that isn’t flushing that it would overflow?” So comedy of errors, though not so much for our poor friends……..

Overall though we had fun—LA has some GREAT food and this year did not disappoint! In particular the OG Tempura truck. Get this: Marinated beef, wrapped in bacon, deep fried with tempura. Did your heart just stop from the idea of such deliciousness? *drool* Also got a chance to eat some really good takoyaki, though we preferred their original recipe to the weird fusion one we got also. So yes, I look forward to the exciting things to be had at next year’s anime expo! And I hope to see more MR-ites there as well! ^^

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