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Back in the day…

I used to love it in older RPGs when, during the loading screen they would tell you to be sure to take breaks so that you didn’t abandon your friends/school/job because of whatever game you were playing. But then there were other games like Everquest and their /pizza command that really made it so you really didn’t want to leave your game, so I guess it equaled out?

Speaking of games, I kinda missed all of the E3 stuff since we were in Texas for the con and all. Couple things I thought were pretty cool though were the South Park RPG, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, and Ni No Kuni. From what I could find, it seemed kinda lackluster for RPGs this year, but since I still haven’t finished most of the RPGs from this past year, I guess I can’t really complain too much.

While I’m kiiiind of intrigued by Tomb Raider’s new look and how they’re attempting to breathe life into a character that really only existed to bounce around in tiny shorts and get killed in really funny ways…..the attempted rape quick time event is preeeetty skeezy imo. I get that the whole theme is “survival” and “forging her into a stronger person” and stuff, but like, reducing something that is one of the worst experiences a woman can go through to whether or not you can press the A button at the right moment is just…not cool. And no one likes QTEs anyway!

In happier news, the Humble Indie Bundle just added Bastion, The Lone Survivor, Braid and Super Meat Boy to its roster, so if you haven’t grabbed it yet, be sure to do so. Totally worth it for Bastion and Psychonauts alone. The games’re DRM free and include all the soundtracks, too! AND you’re helping charity and stuff!

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