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Chapter 27: Round 3


So yeah, given that we were home for abooout 24 hours before beginning the very long drive to Dallas for A-Kon, I didn’t really have any time to make new pages (sorry!). I did, however, get some more work done on the book 1 reprint so I can get that together soon. I’m really excited about reprinting the earlier books in the new format–I think it’ll look really cool (at least, it looks cool on my computer screen!). It kinda sucks because I had to redo more of the earlier art to make it work than I would’ve liked…but such is the way of things.

Anyway, this comic and its second page (which will be posted on Monday) was a commission by MR fan Onisnake for his girlfriend Ashley’s birthday. He said to make it “as cute as possible” and, well, since it’s me and I like money and drawing really cute things I agreed. Since it came out super good and I’m really proud of it, I thought the rest of you would like to see it too ^^

In regards to A-kon, I’ll be there in the webcomic area of the Artist’s Alley, which is located usually in the back of the first floor of the alley. I think my booth is right next to Level-Up Studios, so look for the towering displays of shirts on cube-like structures (mine’ll be PINK!). I’ll also be doing one or more panels–the panel types and which ones I’ll be on/when they’ll be I won’t really know until I get there, but they’re always a good time and I get to babble on like a silly person about Star Wars and stuff. Also, as usual, for this con any delicious donations of food-like things are encouraged–especially this show since we’re there for a loooong time (usually 10 am –whenever we get tired (9-10 pm)). I’m thinking I might make a super con report of things for both fanime and a-kon when I get back. In particular at Fanime we had a FABULOUS Aeiryn cosplayer, so look for photos of her when my brain resets from all these trips.

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