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I have to be better


Hey all!

We’ll be at Fanime Con this weekend in the artists’ alley. I don’t entirely know =where= we’ll be, but make sure to swing by and say hi! I’ll have all the latest MR swag, including the plushies and new shirts! ^^

Also, since Fanime goes til Monday, we won’t be able to come back to post a page until tuesday night or so, so don’t expect a page Monday. We have A-kon immediately after, so I =may= end up doing a weird filler adventure comic for those days. But I’ll try my best to work hard to get some legit updates together =3

Speaking of working hard, I’m still in the midst of reformatting book 1 for print while assembling together the book 4 materials. I’m really, really excited about both projects–especially book 4 which is looking fabulous. However it’s busy season for printers so they’re taking their time getting back to me about estimates so I’m going to wait on making a kickstarter for book 4 until I know how much they want x.x

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