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Livestream is VOGUE (I mean live)

Livestream is a go! Check it out at the Sparrowtime channel–watch the coloring, enjoy the terribad music, and chat about bacon and epic beards.

EDIT: Stream over for now, but we should be returning in an hour or so for Game Night (around 7 pm CST). We’re hoping to get Gauntlet 64 working, if not then we’ll do Spiral Knights. In any event, it should make for fun good times ^^


Expect stream laterrrrr….

Ack, spent whole day with Mom + Gma, so comic shall be colored monday morning/afternoon when I get up. Look for it on t3h streams (though be warned–if it doesn’t say on the site/facebook/twitter that it’s live, it’s actually just playing old videos so it’s not actually live). Later on monday evening we’ll also be doing another game night thing, so be sure to pop back a few hours later. I’m not entirely sure what we’ll be playing–we may try giving Spiral Knights another shot as long as steam doesn’t decide to do maintenance again or do Gauntlet Legends 64 (my personal hope if we can figure out if we can emulate the multiplayer).


Final days of the graphic textbook kickstarter

So once again, Reading With Pictures is actually attempting to get kids to learn something by making learning “fun” through the medium of comics. Dastardly and audacious, I know, but nonetheless, those of you rogues out there who want to see something like this happen should check out their latest project, The Graphic Textbook, a whole textbook of comic lessons on things done by some really talented people (like me! And….Eisner winners.) We’ll be doing a 10 page follow-up Pandora story, so expect more cute outfits, giant robots and weird witticisms from one Josh Elder. So yeah, if you can spare it, it’s a cool cause so send a couple bucks their way.

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