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Anime Central 2012

MR book 1 reprint!

Hey guys!! I’ll be reprinting book 1 soon in the next month or so, so if any of you guys happen to have the first reprint of book 1 (the one with the redone version of the first 8 pages or so), please email me with any/all typos and grammatical errors you guys find! Thanks everyone! ^^


Anime Central 2012

So yes, Dave totally has a My Lil’ Pony mane. He claims its a “mohawk” but those in the know know he just wants to be Rarity.

I also actually did two panels about makin’ webcomics with Alan of Rival Angels fame. Both panels went really cool, even if he did give me crap about not working ahead and missing updates occasionally…. *sigh*

My good friend Sara decided to try helping out at the show, and after a few initial, gentle nudgings, she eventually got into the groove of selling things and being a proper booth slave…I mean helper.

Finally, somehow on the last day of the show when all was said and done we went to a casino out in Aurora. I was soooo tired. But it worked for me, because I ended up winning a lil’ over $200 in poker, and Brion assured me I didn’t play terribly. Of course, Shawn was a lil’ pissed since some of that was his money that I won in a super big pot, but shhhhhhh.

Our next show is Fanime, and we’ll be in the artists’ alley. So make sure to stop by and say hi! ^^

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