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Sakuracon 2012 Report!

Computer issues

Hey there, having some sort of hardware issues with the main machine (I think it’s either the RAM or the PSU), so comic’s delayed for now until I get it back. Sorry guys ;_;


Sakuracon 2012!

Holy crap, Seattle was sooo awesome. We had a great time, and everyone from the staff to the attendees was super nice, so thanks Sakuracon for being really fun ^^

But yes, airlines tend to not have any weight restrictions on your carry-on bags, so I tend to stuff my tiny lil’ suitcases with books….this time, out of curiosity, before I left I weighed it and it was at 74.6 lbs. It was VERY heavy, and the next day I had blisters on my palms from dragging it around. But yeah, I felt really bad because on that flight over there was a really nice older guy who tried to be super chivalrous by doing the whole “Allow me, miss!” while I was struggling with getting my bag into the overhead compartment. Because of course, no one believes the girl when she says something’s really heavy…I just hope he didn’t hurt his back, because he insisted on lifting it himself x.x

In regards to the weather, it was around the 40s/50s all week which was really cold for my light leather jacket…so when I saw it was going to be around the 40s or so in Seattle, I opted to bring my warm, waterproof winter coat. Unfortunately, I arrived to find it in the mid to upper 60s and sunny for the whole weekend. But the weather was really nice….even if I had to carry my big heavy coat around XD

The mountain thing really happened. Essentially, Heather and I were pointing out how cool the mountains looked with the atmospheric perspective–essentially, the base of the mountains was kind of blending in with the sky, so it was really cool because you could only see the white scraggly peaks to tell that they were there. I should also mention that we’re from Illinois, where it is very flat and there are no mountains. Jaxon, however, lives in a valley in Utah, where there are mountains, so he had no excuse to goggle at the mountains! Essentially our lane had gone to a dead stop, so Jax had to slam on the breaks and we had inches from their bumper. While scary at the time, it’s really funny in retrospect XD

Finally, that guy was really weird. Heather and I were chatting with this lady selling Japanese DVDs (I had picked up a bunch of cool horror movies from her–Versus, Girl with the Machine Arm and Tokyo Gore Police) about our surprise at finding a live action version of La Blue Girl. So we’re all laughing at how terrible it looks and how we hope the poor actress was compensated well for letting vacuum cleaner tubes attack her. Then this guy kind of sneaks up on me and starts mouthbreathing at my shoulder about all the porn games he has at his table, stressing the word “porn” over and over in his sentences. It wasn’t until I said “HEY HEATHER, LET’S GO OVER THERE!” that he decided to stop his 5 minute pitch, because clearly he didn’t understand our awkward silences (even the lady selling DVDs was uncomfortable, he was really weird XD ).

We also saw this REALLY awesome martial arts movie called The Raid: Redemption. It’s all about this SWAT team that has to kill this gang leader guy who lives in a 15 floor apartment complex. So they basically have to go level by level to clear the floors so they can get at this guy.

The first 10 minutes or so are kind of weird because like, it seems like they’ve watched Die Hard and Lethal Weapon too many times so the dialogue is very stereotypical action movie. BUT, once they get into the part where they’re actually raiding the building, it is PHENOMENAL! The fights are brilliant, there’s lots of tension, and some really excellent quality kills. You know you’re at a good movie when the entire audience collectively will gasp and shout and wince all at the same time. It’s probably the best martial arts movie I’ve seen since like, Ong Bak: Thai Warrior. So yeah, if you’re into martial arts movies/action movies in general and can find it at a theater near you (it has a limited release), DEFINITELY check it out. Totally worth it.

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