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Tempest Dive

April Fools

So April Fools totally snuck up on me in a way that I was just unable to think of something cool to do on such a short, limited amount of time. Luckily though, Kotaku has a really cool list of all the video game-related April Fools jokes made by people way more creative and motivated than me. I think one of my favorites though is definitely the marshmellow Creeps by Thinkgeek. Because not only are said creeps really funny, but they’re also delicious!

Just a reminder, Anime Boston and Sakuracon are this weekend. I personally (and my lovely booth assistant) will be at Sakuracon in the Small Press area. Meanwhile, the same weekend, Veronica, aka the Screaming Fangirl will be running our booth at Anime Boston in the dealer’s room (once again, with more lovely helpers). At both booths we will have the full gamut of Mystic Rev stuff, including all the books, t-shirts, plushies, and this time, cell phone charms (they’re super cute).

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