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So firstly, a FANTASTIC Indiana Jones engagement ring, coupled with equally awesome Star Wars wedding bad. SO cool. And one lucky lady!

Next, in a lilí less than two weeks we have Anime Boston, and Sakuracon. TechnicallyÖMystic Rev will be at both shows. In actuality, I, Jen Brazas, will be going to Seattle for Sakuracon where Iíll be in the small press area, which is located between the dealerís room and the artistís alley. For Boston, Veronica, AKA Screaming Fangirl, will be running the table for the weekend, sharing space with Brion over at Flipside, also in the dealerís room (though in the second section of the hall). So yeah, Mystic Rev gear will be at both places, but I shall be at Sakuracon. Hereís hoping all goes well! ^^

Also, been playing me some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Having a LOT of fun with the Vanguard class. Itís really funny because in my singleplayer campaign, I donít really use charge that often because, letís face it, you usually get killed. In multiplayer, however, I spam charge whenever itís off cooldown. If my healthbarís not at one bar, I ainít doiní my job! XD

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