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Fighting at Lightspeed

Really AMAZING MR cosplay!

Hey guys! I just wanted to post the really FABULOUS set of Veronica and Calvin cosplaying Toasty and Lilly at Ohayocon a few months ago. You can view the full set of photos on the photographer’s flikr account or comment on the set on the MR facebook page. This one here is probably my favorite, they’re both SO fantastic. Also, I want to plug the photographer’s deviantART page for doing such a fantastic job making the cosplayers look even more fantastic!


Art of Video Games

So the Smithsonian has a really cool exhibit going on now about the Art of Video Games. Apparently, in addition to showcasing games, there’s also cool interviews with developers and stuff too. Furthermore, it’s going on a bit of a tour across the country, so definitely check it out to see if your town’s on the list (sadly, Chicago is not). Here’s a link to the trailers, which showcase some of the creator interviews as well as some of the games featured.

Currently playing through Mass Effect 3 between working on various things. Hoping to get through it soon so I can finally return to reading things on the internet and understanding what all the hubbub’s about.


Concerning book 4.

Obviously it’s not lightspeed because, well, that’s impossible. However, I always loved the excellent hyperbole used in Eyeshield 21 to describe Sena’s running/football style, so consider it an Eyeshield homage.

This page was a lot wordier than I intended, but I think it came out better than the initial version of the page. The trouble with writing shonen-style fights is that while it may be more organic to have stuff come out over several pages while you discover things with the character, it also makes the fight drag out unnecessarily long. So in the interest of having more interesting things take longer in the fight, we get exposition page today.

I should mention too that the Windmaster class is kind of based around Talim from Soul Calibur (specifically Soul Calibur 2, cuz they kinda made her a lil’ slower to chain combos imo in SC3). Essentially I thought it’d be cool to have a monk-like class that focuses on building up combo attacks through superior speed instead of like, ki-powers or whatever. There are monks in MR (though we call ‘em Taoists), but they have a bit more versatility in playstyle, and hopefully one’ll show up later in the comic so I can show you ^^

Regarding Book 4, it seems unlikely I’ll have it out by the majority of the summer conventions. I have around….33 pages I need before I hit my target number for the book, and while I =could= fill most of that with extra con comics/guest strips/miscellaneous things, I figure it’s better to wait for legit content. I’m going to try to work ahead if I can to try to get it out sooner, but I can’t make any promises. I will, however, probably be taking pre-orders at the cons like usual, and I may do a kickstarter to get funds online (as paypal’s changed their policy concerning pre-orders to be if it’s not delivered within a month you could potentially have your account suspended–scaaary).

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