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I'm ready now!

Livestream is live!

Livestream is go! Check it out, watch me color, ask questions and have exciting debates about the finer points of bacon! ^^

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks all! ^^


Doozy of a page

So yeah, this page really kicked my ass in terms of figuring out how to properly get these girls to look anatomically-not-so-awful while doing crazy moves. Also I was distracted by sleeping issues and starting ME 3…and no, those two things are not related (it was more that these guys decided to work on their gutters at 8:30 am when I had gone to sleep at 6 am the day before….and their work was about 3 feet away from my bedroom window. Since they worked all the way til it got dark out, it really threw off my sleep schedule =\ ).

So yeah, long story short, expect livestream in the afternoon! This page’ll be kinda cool for you guys to see live as I’m probably going to end up doing some motion effects and other stuff to make it look like they’re all moving super-super fast.

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