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Windmaster vs. Windmaster


Streaming LIVE right now! Click the link and check it out! Also, as per usual, if anyone has any questions about how/why I color things the way I do, feel free to ask ^^

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks for viewing! ^^


Update will be in the afternoon

Hey guys!

Had some trouble getting the pencils right for today’s page (and they still don’t look entirely right…), so I’ll be streaming the coloring process again when I wake up so look for it around 1-2 pm CST.


The final session of Brionís Dnd Game!

Hey all! So remember Brionís weird DnD campaign? Well, weíve got most of the band back together and are hoping to finally defeat all of the demon lords! Watch us LIVE as we attempt to win the ultimate fight of good versus evil! Laugh at our shenanigans! Witness us humorously tormenting our friend Tetsuya! All can be viewed on the Brionís DnD game channel, so check it out! ^^

EDIT: DnD stream over! Thanks to all who viewed! It’s finally OVER! ^^

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