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New Ninja Flavor!

Well itís 5:30 amÖ.

Itís 5:30 am and Iím nearly done w/ the flats for todayís page, but I donít really have it in me to spend another 2 hours or so longer to finish it off. So yeah, expect a livestream of the coloring session tomorrow when I get up, probably around 1-2 pm CST. So tired. Goodnight for now.


T n’ A

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to work in the phrase “an ass that just won’t quit” into the comic FOREVER, so huzzah! Dream come true! Achievement unlocked!

I also have to say that it’s really fun to write these little character interaction bits, especially the mushy romantic-ey stuff. Because I am a girl, sometimes it shows. But fear not, we shall return to crazy girl-on-girl violence in a bit, for you menfolk uninterested in lovely lovey-doveyness.


The ME3 Demo

So Bioware in their infinite wisdom decided to break up couples across the country by dropping the Mass Effect 3 demo on Valentine’s Day. Not that I complained–as on our crappy internet it took a whole day to download anyway–but still–poor guy wants to take his lady out but can’t because she wants to see Kaiden/Garrus one last time….

Speaking of which, oh Kaiden, how you break my heart. Granted, I guess what happened in the beginning sequence of ME 2 kinda lets you off the hook for seeing other people…but it doesn’t give you leave to be an asshole, sir! Anyway, the first time I played the demo I wasn’t really reading to closely and accidentally said that Ashley lived…but the Ashley that showed up ain’t the Ashley I knew. I don’t mind her new look, but in some of the cutscenes her head looked a little too big for her body.

But that brings me to my next point–in the ME 3 demo, they let you fiddle around with the customization. While I could have made a reincarnation of my scary-stern goth Shep, I figured that’d be kinda weird since the demo assumes certain things are “canon", and those choices may not have been the choices my Shep made. So I ended up making a crazy blue-hair’d albino Shepard, and sadly, I can’t figure out how to make screenshots with Origin or I’d show you. I also hope though that this isn’t the ship build as some of the animations are pretty awkward–for instance, female Shepard clearly has the same rigging animation as male Shep because she walks like a crazy gorilla woman with her arms out like Donkey Kong. Also whenever she shakes someone’s hand it looks…awkward.

Anyway, the second part of the demo is the same part I played at Comic Con, and while the UI is completely different, that may just be because the demo I played was on xbox (in the demo I played, the bars scrolled down vertically to upgrade a power, and were represented by little point bars instead of giant arrows). It also seemed like they took a few powers out, though I’m not sure if that’s because you’re only level 12 in the demo or they just decided to remove stuff for balancing. Because yeah, I played Adept both times just to see the difference, and I recall that barrier was one of the skills that you got in the SDCC demo that you don’t seem to have in the new version.

The second time I played through the demo I rocked my favorite class, Vanguard, and boy do you get a sweet shiny new toy. The power’s called “nova” and basically you punch the ground and things die and fall backwards away from you. It’s pretty awesome, because now you can charge into a group of enemies and…not get owned.

So yeah, demo’s super fun, the only downside is that if you’re playing on PC like me, you have to get Origin in order to get it, which is kind of annoying. But once you do download it, you don’t have to be on the internet to play it–last night our ‘net went out and just like Steam, Origin just started the game in “offline mode", so I was still able to play through and have fun.


Classic D&D games sale

Hey guys! Good Old Games.com is having a sweet sale where if you buy any classic D&D inspired game on that list, you get one free! So if you haven’t had a chance to play Baldur’s Gate 2 (one of my favorite games of all time), totally grab it and Planescape: Torment (another gem) as your freebie! ^^

Also, just wanna reiterate the names of officers for our TOR guild (because sadly, as far as I’m aware, you can’t add someone unless both of you are online) are as follows:

Rhiannon (me)
Telemasca (also me)

Most of us usually play in the evening/much-later-evening, but send an in-game mail to me on what time CST you’re usually on and I can always pop on to add you to the guild. Right now we only have the republic guild on Darth Bandon, though there’re talks to have an Empire one as well, at least, if people want one.

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