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Chapter 26: Capoeira and Catgirls

Femshep Friday

FINALLY! Our FemShep trailer!

Is it possible for Jennifer Hale to rock my socks off anymore than she has already right at this very moment? *sighs happily*

Kind of getting back into the swing of TOR now that those conventions are done with. Leveled up my Guardian to 13 (bonus to moving next level, w000t!), and yes, we are still working on getting an MR guild together on Darth Bandon, it’s just a matter of getting 4 people logged in at the same time…. (darn people and their “jobs” and their “social lives” pfft). But when we do, I will totally post what it’s called here (something along the lines of “The Ninjedi Order” probably), and anyone’s allowed to join so long as you’re nice (and since MR fans are always nice, this won’t be a problem).

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