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The Disappeared


So firstly, computer is BACK and FIXED and everything’s all ready to go. I managed to plug an update into the queue for both tomorrow (Friday) AND Monday, so there won’t be any interruptions. But why would there be interruptions, you may ask?

Well, we will be at Ohayocon this weekend in the artist’s alley, pimpin’ our wares, movin’ n’ shakin, and all the other usual hubbub that happens at a convention. I have also been informed that there will be some MR related cosplay, so definitely a reason to schwing by–though of course, for those of you not going, there will be photos later ;x



So computer won’t be done until at least Tuesday, if not Wednesday and this….sucks. Also my laptop’s having a hissy fit with our internet, so I’m posting this from my handy lil droid. Why is it when technology decides to crap out on you it does so all at once?

Plus side is that I got 2 full pages inked and am working on a third, so whenever I do get back, there’ll be updates while I’m at the convention.


Good News/Bad News

Sooooo….some bad news. On Saturday around midnight my computer randomly shut itself down and then went into a BIOS-like screen when I restarted it. It said that the CMOS was failing, so upon looking up what the hell that meant I found that it was that the motherboard’s battery was failing. Not wanting to mess around with the motherboard because of the likelihood of causing some irreparable harm from ignorance, I took it to the shop on Monday to have it fixed. They told me today that not only is the battery failing, but that the memory slot is failing as well, which is why my computer thought it was December of 2009. Soo….in short, my whole motherboard needs to be replaced, along with my hard drive, which apparently also had some performance issues (which I’m cool with, cuz that’s the harddrive from the original build of my PC, so it’s like, at least 7-8 years old).

Annnyway, what that means is that I probably won’t get my main computer back until at least Monday, so at the very least, there won’t be a real page tomorrow (though I’ll try to make some cute filler comic) as my rather old laptop isn’t on speaking terms with my much newer scanner.

The good news is that number 1, I’ll have a new motherboard, so hopefully my computer won’t randomly shut down anymore. Number 2, I’ll do my best to ink as many pages as possible over the weekend so that way when we go to Ohayocon next weekend, ideally there’ll be uninterrupted, real page updates.

Once again, I’m really, really sorry guys. I was really hoping that it’d be fixed today, but alas… *sigh*


SOPA blackout

So many of you probably have noticed by now the SOPA blackout being led by reddit. If you want to know more about SOPA and its importance, definitely check out the Wikipedia page or Reddit’s SOPA faq. Honestly, I find it highly unlikely that the bill will pass, or if it does pass it’ll probably immediately be overruled by the Supreme Court for vague language and violation of 1st Ammendment rights (as essentially, if someone advertising on your site violates the act, then that can shut down YOUR site, even if you had no idea they were violating the act to begin with….or worse, if someone posts a link to a site that may violate the act on a forum or something, then likewise, the forum + site its hosted by can be in trouble). Kotaku actually has a pretty good breakdown of this vagueness. But even so, the reddit faq provides links where you can get in touch with your congressman/woman, so it doesn’t hurt to just send off an email/phonecall of “Hey, this bill is silly!”

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