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MR Christmas Special 2011 part 2

Concerning page 337

So one of the hiccups to switching over and updating the site has been that a handful of pages didn’t show up properly in the archives. I managed to fix most of them on my own, but 337 seems resistant to wanting to be put back where it belongs. But never fear, I’ve emailed Keenspot’s webguru, so hopefully once she’s back from the holidays we can get it all sorted out and happy again (and by “we” I of course mean “her” because I will just be sitting there cheering her on from the sidelines as all this php/cms stuff just goes riiiight over my head).

Speaking of web things that go over my head, if anyone can tell me how to fix the damn new readers page so that the text aligns to the image, I’d be super appreciative. I’ve tried the html “align” tag as well as the CSS “float” tag, but neither seem to work. And because of my extremely limited knowledge of web design, I turn to you–the MR community, who have proven time and time again that you are all so much smarter than me (and I really, sincerely mean this in the nicest way possible as you all are, for the most part, super geniuses and really nice about it =3 ) to help me figure this out. Because yes, the less website headaches I have, the happier I’ll be.

For those of you who’re less web-inclined but still want to make the site super awesome, the MR Wiki could still use contributors–in particular the pages dealing with the main/minor characters. Takklinn and Runeofprotection have done an excellent job in setting everything up template-wise, there just needs to be =content=. So yes, I invite everyone to contribute and have good times! ^^



And never fear, your regularly scheduled comic shall return on Friday.

Also, just wanted to add that for those of you who were lucky enough to get The Old Republic for Christmas (or just pre-ordered it like I did), Im playing on Darth Bandon server (or as I like to think of it, Darth Brandon), so come find me! My main toons on the Republic are Rhiannon and Telemasca (Jedi Knight and Trooper respectively) and Moghedian and BobbiFett for Sith (being Sith Inquisitor and, of course, Bounty Hunter). Would love to create some sort of MR guild, also, so if theres enough interest and someone whod have time to run it, let me know!

Also wanted to share this because it is awesome:

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