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The MR justice system


Sorry! SUPER overslept, but livestreaming link is a go. click here to view!


Comic to be late

Hey guys! Due to annoying headaches-that-didn’t-want-to-go-away-no-matter-how-much-tylenol/tea/resting-was-thrown-at-them, I got kind of a late start on the page. Inks are just about done, and as usual, look for me to stream the coloring process in the afternoon–probably around noon-1 pm central time.


The artist’s heartbreak

So I just wanted to post the last two panels of today’s page without the text, just to show that it can be depressing to be a comic artist sometimes when you realize some of your image that you spent many long hours on has to be covered by text.

And even though they’re still kinda tiny, that’s like, 20 random characters lovelingly drawn in that first panel with their own lil’ details. Because I like to torture myself *sigh*. Basically, my choices were either to put the text right over the mods, which, considering the panel’s explaining about the tribunal would be silly, or put it over the jury section. So despite heartbreak, I chose the latter. But thankfully photoshop has layers, so I can show you all the un-textified versions so ya’ll can see I do try to do my best to push myself as an artist…even when the end result of such pushing may not be noticed on the final product XD

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