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Hey all! So firstly, I made a guest comic at Dueling Analogs. It’s League of Legends themed, but I like to think that epically failing your team goes across all games.

And I meant to post this yesterday, but we were having issues getting our internet to connect during the day. But for those of you not quite as in love with Genshiken as I am (though it’s a great manga about otaku culture that all of you should read!) or up on the Anime tropes, a tsundere is usually a girl with, for lack of a better term, split personalities. Usually, they’re the girls who’re angry/hostile/sarcastic/mean (the “tsun tsun” part) but have a sweet lovey-dovey side ("dere dere") that’s eventually exposed after being worn down by the lovable hero. For example, Princess Leia.

Also, for you Skyrimmers, I feel the need to post this video to show that however you’re playing, you’re doing it wrong (caution, NSFW on account of the dude swearing more than I do–which is an accomplishment).

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