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I think I like him

Christmas cheer

Paypal hates children. No wait, paypal hates poor children. Apparently now you can’t donate to people unless you’re a non-profit? *eyes her own donate button* And freezing the lady’s personal accounts on top of it all is really terrifying. Way to spread the yuletide joy, paypal.

In happier corporate news, Amazon and Toys R’ Us are doing a “buy one, get one half off” sale on all of their games(except PC games, apparently, but PCers get the epic steam sale, so stop complaining!). So worth checking out when getting stuff for your buds, you can score something sweet for yo’self (or just be greedy, and take it all!).

Speaking of being greedy, my Skyrim adventure continued for a bit yesterday (I consider Monday’s/Tuesdays to be like my weekend since I usually work over the real weekend XD ), and I spent a good portion of my time collecting bugs. Because you can collect bugs in Skyrim, and some of them are actually kind of hard to catch. But goddamn if it didn’t feel super rewarding when I grabbed that lunar moth out of the air or finally got that monarch butterfly to sit still. I felt pretty rad, I have to say.

And because I’ve been collecting just about everything, I had a pile of fun messing with the crafting system. In particular, the potion-making one where you just combine all your crap randomly and hope for the best. So much fun! It’s actually kind of similar to the alchemist class in MR, except they take all of the random crap they pick up and turn it into ammo/grenades/etc (like Rikku from FFX!).

Brion describes Skyrim as “Fantasy Theft Auto” and I kind of agree with him. I don’t really feel the urgency to do my main story quests like I do in say, Mass Effect or Dragon Age (granted, you can still meander and do sidequests, but your party members usually make you feel bad about it =\ ). Hell, I’m level 6 now and I still haven’t wandered over to tell the local lord that there’re dragons flying around (i.e. your first main quest). I’m kind of getting around to it now, but still. Everytime I start to head over there I find like, a sunken fortress or a weird cave, and they’re just begging to be explored, so c’mon.

One thing I am sad about though is that the companion AI is kind of annoying. Like, they’re hard to kill, which is nice (they kind of back off if getting low on health and then fetal position until they can shamble back into battle), but friendly fire can kill them. Which is really irritating when one of your main attacks is shooting a big ass cone of fire right at the enemy that your companion just =has= to rush into. So it kind of becomes an annoying escort mission, only your companion doesn’t have the sense of Ashley from Resident Evil 4 to actually duck when you’re pointing your spell-gun at her.

Also, maybe it’ll happen as the story progresses, but I wish you could get to know your companions better–that they’d talk to you or comment on what was happening or something. Right now I have some chick who I beat up in a fist fight and I don’t even really know her name, because aside from that initial scene of “hey, you wanna follow me?” she hasn’t really said anything to me other than “there’s trouble up there” and once she sneezed. But maybe companion banter is just asking too much from this game (did I mention yet how pretty it is? It’s very pretty) that otherwise does everything else you could want in a game. But what can I say? I’m greedy.


Getting into character

Alright, so before I say anything–I liked the pirate guy in the Stardust book. Like all of Gaiman’s characters, he was cute, quirky and fun. De Niro’s preformance of him, on the otherhand, was just kind of like, awkward and phoned in. He was more of a cartoon character, if anything, in a movie that otherwise tried to play everything fairly realistically…for a fantasy movie (if that makes ANY sense at all). I don’t really know if it was his choice or the directors, but his scenes just seemed super out of place with the beat everyone else was on in the film. And it’s not the crossdressing that was the problem–it was him just kind of winking at the audience with the message of, “Yo dudes, ain’t this weird? I’m in a DRESS! This is so crazy, you guys should be laughing because it’s crazy!” Jack Black does a similar thing in his movies (the “winking at the audience” thing), but the difference is that Jack Black is funny (most of the time at least–I haven’t heard good things about Gulliver’s Travels =\ )

For those confused at what the hell I’m ranting about:

I finally got Skyrim over the weekend, and had juuuust enough time to roll up a character and make it out of the beginner area. It’s kind of weird because this is actually the first Elder Scrolls game I’ve played (I know–take my nerd cred away now), so I’m totally unused to all of the controls. I actually find myself kind of wishing I had chosen to play it on a console, because I’m thinking switching spells/weapons might be a little less awkward (at least for me, unused to ES controls). I also remembered why I hate playing first person games in the first place, as the game opens up with you on a rocking cart, and you have to look between your fellow prisoners talking to you. Well, I definitely felt like it simulated the wagon experience….and kept my vision planted firmly ahead like a real car…cart ride. Thankfully though you can toggle to 3rd person, so that made me much happier.

The character I rolled is a Redguard, and right now I like swords, fire, and picking locks. But I guess I should probably get some sort of long range thing…because enemy archers hurt. The game definitely indulges my horrible habit of looting everything, which is bad because you can only hold so much stuff. But I totally might =need= that pile of loose rags or that iron skillet. You never know where the adventure will take you….

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