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TOR stream!

OK! I will be VERY briefly be streaming The Old Republic, because I am full of fail and didnít realize visiting hours for my friendís hospital were an hour earlier than I thought they were. Eep. So yeah, will only be able to stream for an hour, but I figured itíd be cool to at least show everyone what makiní a characterís like and all that.

EDIT: Stream over, at least for now. If I get back soon enough I may pick up where I left off. The trooper storyline is pretty cool.



Livestreaming the coloring of todayís page! For you new guys, that means you get to see me color the comic, ask me questions, and listen to my terrible, terrible musical tastes.

EDIT: So ok, page is DONE, but the comicís updator thingie doesnít want to update the latest version of the fileÖ.soÖ.we have to kinda wait for the very nice keenspot weblady to tell me what I broke ;_;

ALSO, Iím temporarily stopping the livestream because the TOR launcherís being kind of a jerk, so my hope is that once the stream isnít eating up all my bandwidth that itíll start the game properly and I can go from there. Ideally. I also =may= have an update to download too (though I thought I already grabbed itÖ), so it may be a couple hours.

EDIT 2: Ok, so I was right, I =did= update my TOR, so it’s all good in da’ hood. I wanna make myself some munches and get a lil’ work done, so expect The Old Republic stream to start hopefully in like, I dunno, an hour-hour and a half?



Gleh, colors to come in morning when I get up (which means Friday morning/afternoon livestream, yay!). Meant to start this page Wednesday, but had a buncha stuff to finish off to get site ready for launch.

ALSO, if I can and everything’s working, I was thinking of streaming some of The Old Republic since they lifted the ban on talking about it/sharing pics/videos of it. So hopefully livestream won’t be a butt I’ll be able to do it! ^^

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