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Falling ninja

Hello new people!!

Firstly, to all those joining us from the Keenspot newsbox ads, welcome! Feel free to jump right into the beginning of the story or check out the new readers page for an informative FAQ. The comic updates with a brand new page every Monday and Friday, so there’ll be a sweet new page to check out tomorrow!

One thing I’m really excited to announce is that we’ve started a Mystic Revolution Wiki page, to replace the old characters page. This way, ideally, the community can keep the characters up-to-date with where everything’s at in the story, and they can be expanded more from the old profiles page (that mostly just had their starting info from when they first appeared in the comic). In the next couple of weeks I’ll also be adding information about the races/classes/areas of MR (though there’s a LOT of artwork involved, so give me time ;_; ), so make sure to keep an eye out! ^^

I’m also really happy to finally have a list of conventions I’m attending that’s a permanent fixture on the site, so that way it’ll hopefully be easier for you guys to see where I’ll be going, when, and if it’s in a city near you. The ????? basically means that that convention hasn’t opened up for table registration yet, but we’re going to apply and hope to get in anyway.

Also added links to me and MR on the various social networks, and links under the comics so you can share ‘em with said social networks (because I guess that’s what the cool kids’re doing these days).

One SUPER awesome thing is that all the archives should be numbered properly now (no more “missing” comics that represent strips that were deleted), and I uploaded colored versions of comics that were supposed to be colored but got too far in the archives to replace (like this one for instance). But if anyone finds any comics that =should= be colored but aren’t (i.e. any pages after I started coloring pages that’ve been uploaded as just lineart/flats and left that way), please let me know so I can upload a fixed version (because I can do that now!).

In closing, I hope everyone likes the new site and the new stuff we’ve added, and I’ll keep on adding more awesome comics. It’s pretty rad to be on Keenspot, and I really can’t thank them enough for helping make this site that’s been in the works for years into a reality in just a couple weeks. Thank you so much guys! ^^

Mystic Revolution copyright © Jennifer Brazas 2009. All rights reserved.
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