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Rage comic

Day before Sparrow Celebration Day

So some other people will be telling you that it’s “Cyber Monday” or whatever, but I prefer to think of it as “The Day Before National Sparrow Celebration Day” as tomorrow’s my birthday! And before you ask, I will be 25, so soon I’ll be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of renting a car in every state!

So as such, I feel the need to pimp my new t-shirts again, because there’s no better way to celebrate DBNSPCD than by enabling said Sparrow to pay her rent on time (w00t!). So yes, new stuff!

–For your friend who somehow survived Annie Bot

–For your friend who needs guidance from a reliable resource.

–For your friend who may be part feline….or just happens to give you hugs that make you go to the emergency room.

Other favorites!

–For your bud that provides the heals so the rest of you can get the job done.

–For your friend who warned you the Reapers are coming…in March.

And finally, books 1, 2 and 3 for the friend who loves MR….or needs to get into it!


Finished colors when I get up

So colors not quiiite complete, but since it’ll only take me at most an hour or so to complete them, I don’t think I’ll be livestreaming (also have some appointments to keep in the early afternoon, so I don’t want to risk being late x.x ).

This is another one of those pages that went through several drafts and redrafts. I’m still not =entirely= happy with the layout, but it’s better than the first couple of editions.


Skyrim–Lydia vs. Gate

This just amused me to no end.


Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I had….two! And because I had two, I was unable to get any sort of page thing done, so I’m really sorry about that. Have fun with your families, and if you’re doing Black Friday, please avoid getting trampled because that would make me quite sad x.x


A wild Bioware game approaches!

Insanely short video of the next non Mass Effect/Dragon Age/Star Wars game from Bioware…or at least a “new Bioware studio". Whatever that means. There’s been speculation that it’s a new Mercenaries/Command & Conquer game based on a the speculations of many overly observant folks, and probably super pressure from EA for everything to be shooters (yaay -_- ). But who knows. Maybe that random explosion is just a fluke and it’s a game all about bunnies and cotton candy. Stranger things have happened.

I also have the last of my new shirts to reveal for y’all, featuring the most terrifying little girl ever, Annie from League of Legends.

Because “Have you seen my bear Tibbers?” is the last thing you hear before….fire…pain…agony. So inspire terror in your friends by grabbing the shirt and showing your LoL buddies that you ain’t afraid o’ no Annie Bot, no matter how OP she is. XD

Finally, I leave you with this rather weird and very dark account of a Brittish D&D game. Probably not worksafe, but what’re you doing watching videos at work anyway! There’s work to be done!


Let's bring on that new stuff

So remember this cute lil' guy?

Well, he's finally available for purchase on Shark Robot!! Yay! We're also doing a special combo deal where you can get the plushie and the Obey shirt for $30, so you save like, $5 (always cool).

Neeeext, new shirt!

So show your love for all with adorable death hugs! No one gives hugs like a catgirl! ^^

I have one more shirt coming, but sadly it's not up yet (but will be soon so watch this box!).

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