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Halloween 2011!

LoL stream

Hey guys! I was going to try streaming the League of Legends game in about 10 minutes or so, so tune in to Sparrowtime right now to enjoy the fun of watching me watch it update XD

EDIT: Sorry I didn’t mention this earlier, but the Lol Stream ended. My net connection made the game lag too much ><



Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s strip has the characters dressing up as League of Legends Champions, or in Aeiryn’s case, one epically awesome champion skin. But yeah, you can play the game for free, so its definitely work checking out, though be warned–kind of a steep learning curve. If you do join, my account’s “savagesparrow", so be sure to friend me! ^^

Other Halloween awesomenes, MiddyDemonCat brings us this super awesome Lourdes pumpkin!

To get you all in the spirit, I leave you with one of my favorite creepy scenes from one of my favorite creepy movies. It’s perfectly safe for work, but if you watch it all the way through, you will be very creeped out XD

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