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Livestreaming! Click the linkage to check out the progress of the coloring of today's page, and chat with fellow MR-ites (or maybe you all are Revolutionaries?)

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks for playin’ all! ^^


Sleep now, colors later

Hey guys! Got a late start on this page, so colors to come when I wake up, with a happy fun livestream session.


Zanshin and other things

So firstly, before I get more complaints about how I’m ripping off Naruto or whatever, Zanshin is a real thing (though naturally not as colorful as I make it out). Basically, it’s being able to be completely aware of your surroundings, your enemies, and using that awareness to be ready to attack/counter-attack.

Speaking of Naruto though, while I was doing my research on these things I found this really cool list of Buddhist Mudras, or rather, hand signs used in Buddhist statues/iconography/meditation that mean a variety of different things. Any of them look familiar? There’s some more here. It’s pretty cool learning that things you thought were just meant to be in there for aesthetic purposes actually turn out to have a deeper meaning. (Also, for the record, I still like Naruto–the characters are fun, the abilities are cool, and asisde from the arc in the first series where his epic battle against satsuke took forever (and the filler arc of course), it hasn’t really bored me. While it’s not my favorite shonen series (that would probably go to One Piece, followed by Hunter x Hunter), it’s still a pretty good series, even if it is long!)

While I’m in the mood for reviewing things, I managed to finish two endings of 999. The game starts with you waking up on a sinking ship with a weird bracelet on your wrist with the number 5. You meet 8 other strangers, and are told by your kidnapper that you have 9 hours to go through various numbered doors in the hope that you’ll find door 9 to escape. Your bracelets are also tied to a bomb inside you, so if you don’t follow the rules of the game, you blow up (and it’s gross). So basically, the game is like a cross between Saw, Battle Royale, and Phoenix Wright.

In the beginning, the game is very text heavy, and I’ve kind complained about this before, but it’s unnecessarily text heavy. For example, there’ll be several instances of the text reading “They all started agreeing at once. ‘Me too!’ ‘Yeah, I agree’ ‘I totally agree!’ ‘Agreement is me!’” when like, having that first statement kinda gives you the picture. Or you’ll see an image of one of the characters looking freaked out and terrified, and the game will go into a full screen of text describing how terrified and freaked out they are–it’s like, I can see it, I don’t really need it spelled out for me.

BUT, that having been said, the game is really incredible, and it really shines in your second playthrough. Once you complete your first ending, on replay you have the option to play “with memories", so you can fastforward through the text you’ve already read, and it keeps track of what choices you’ve already made as well. As a result, you can focus on the puzzles (which are challenging, but not frustrating, at least, most of them aren’t frustrating), and trying to figure out the many mysteries the game presents. Unfortunately, both of my endings were “bad” endings, one considerably worse than the other, to the point where I kinda freaked out Brion in the car by yelling, “WHAT?! WHAT THE $#@!?!!” rather loudly. And any game that has you invested enough in the characters/story to actually provoke an emotional response is a good game in my opinion! And it’s a DS game, so its probably pretty cheap by now, too!

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