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NYCC 2011 Report

Fighting con crud

Ugh, this week has been super weird. Meant to upload this Wednesday, and post a real page today. Then I started feeling sick wednesday so I figured I’d put it off til next week, so I started on real page. Then later thursday I started feeling sick again, so con comic it is! (sorry guys)

But yeah, NYCC was a super fun time, especially since I got to meet David Gaider (Lead Writer for the Dragon Age series–in particular he’s responsible for Alistair, Fenris, Morrigan, as well as HK-47 from KotOR), and Mike Laidlaw (writer on ME 1 + Jade Empire, Exec Producer on Dragon Age 2). To say I fangirl’d would be putting it…mildly. But seriously, meeting David Gaider has been on my bucket list foreeeever (he was also one of the main writers on Baldur’s Gate 2, I =believe= he also gave us Minsc <3 ), and having them like the Turian Councilor shirt totally made me flip out all the more. SUCH a good day.

Also, cheesecake–super plus. And Takklin (Yes, I realize I’m spelling your name differently in every mention thus far–I have forgotten how its spelled, so one of them has to be right!) is totally the hero for going on food runs for me and a very hungry Brion. Mad props there.

Also, the honking thing is totally true–$350 fine. And there’s signs at like, every light telling you so. But everyone honks like crazy anyway! Which really makes you wonder how awful it must’ve been =before= the signs (because they have to have deterred some people….right?). And yeah, this is our first time personally driving in NYC (we’ve taken cabs/had friends drive there, but never tried to get around in a car down there by ourselves….not pleasant XD ), and I really have to say that as crazy as our drivers may be here in chicago, they are nowhere near as aggro as the NYC cabbie *shudder*

Finally, Jersey lady did happen. And it was so startling too because firstly–open air parking lot. Second, 30 feet to the hotel. And third–she totally didn’t look like a homeless lady or anything–she totally looked like she just walked out of some club. But hey, WHATEVER. So far my experiences in Jersey include getting lost in a swamp while trying to get to Seacaucus for a pokemon tournament, this lady, and Jersey Shore. Please tell me there’s more to this state–it’s the Garden State right? There’s gotta be like, gardens, then, right? Somewhere? X.x

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