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Going to need a helper for NYCC

Hey guys! So New York Comic Con/NY Anime Fest is happening this coming weekend, and I need a booth babe/helper person.

Basically, your job would be to sit at the table with me, helping to sell merch, fetching stuff (mostly coffee, as I cannot function without), keeping the shirts organized and watching the table in case I need to take a break. It’s not hard, but it’s very boring work. However, you get a free badge + foodage for the con (always rad), and as long as you let me know =when= you need to take a break, you can still go to whatever panels you want.

However, because I’m staying in a friend’s very small apartment, I really need someone who is a New York local/someone who can easily get to NYC(like via train or whatever), as I cannot afford to pay for someone’s hotel downtown, and would feel really horrible putting people out. So yeah, if this sounds like something you’d like to do, please send an email to savagesparrow@gmail.com with your name, number, and “NYCC booth slave” in the subject heading. Thanks guys!! ^^

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