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Chapter 25: The Stuff of Legends


Livestream is starting! Since we have two pages to color today, it will probably be going well into the afternoon (so if you're reading this around like, 1 pm CST and you don't see the √Ę‚¨ŇStream over!" message, it's still going on!), so feel free to pop in for weird conversations, terrible music, and the delightful coloring styles of your friendly neighborhood sparrow.

EDIT: Stream over! Thanks all! ^^


My bad ><

Some unexpected stuff kinda came up over the weekend, so alas, wasn’t able to finish the page on time. However, I will be livestreaming the coloring of =both= pages all morning/afternoon, so be sure to check it out! It’ll probably start around 8-9 am, and go until….mid afternoon? Sorry again ><


Colors to come in the evening

So borked sleep schedule + writer’s block made for poor planning in getting this page done. Needless to say, I have family stuff to do in the afternoon, but I hope to get the colors completed later on today, at worst later on saturday. So yeah, sorry about that.

In the meantime, enjoy this delightful teaser trailer for the Dragon Age Anime (note: I could probably make a better trailer on windows movie maker, that’s how horrible this thing is).

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