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So firstly, remember ihoihoi? The guy that did the super awesome fandub of Toasty's intro into MR? Well, he's back and with a lady to bring you a fandub of MR's first chapter! They've done a super good job on this one too, so make sure to check it out and send âem your love so they'll do more! ^^

Moving right along, Gog.com is having this sweet sale on all their D&D inspired roleplaying games. All of them are $4 (or less), and you save more dollars the more you pick up. At the very least, grabbing Baldur's Gate 2 (one of my favorite RPGs of all time) and Planescape: Torment (which I haven't had a chance to play yet but I hear is THE greatest RPG of all time) is totally worth it.

Next up, we've got another new(ish) shirt in the store, . It's a really cute shirt featuring the first two generations of Electric Pokemon (minus Raikou because he's a bitch to draw).

In gaming news, I'm still struggling to get better at League of Legends. You can friend me on there"my username is savagesparrow and right now because of my weird sleep schedule I mostly play games around 4-8am, and usually most often on Mondays and Tuesdays, but sometimes on Fridays too (though because I'm trying to stay up later and later to get to ânormal" sleep schedule, you may see me playing a bit more into the afternoon to stay up XD ). So yeah, right now I'm really loving Orianna and her creepy-but-cute GLaDOS voice. Should you desire to to join in the fun, click here to make an account because"uh"I get stuff if you do (because LoL really is a lovely pyramid scheme. But it’s a free pyramid scheme, so there’s that! XD).

I've also found that Hot Springs Story for android/idevices is super fun too. It's by the same guys who did GameDev Story (which if you haven't played yet, and you happen to really like video games/the process of making games, you really should grab it!), and like GDS it's a sim game about running a business (a hot spring inn, to be specific). Its kinda hard to get into at first since the game really requires a LOT of experimentation with scenery effects, room placements, etc, so it kind of forces you to do a second or even third playthrough in order to totally pimp out your inn for max popularity. But everything's really fast paced, and I couldn't help but find myself totally excited when I saw the little pixel people lining up to get into Sparrow Springs.

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